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Aging Life Care™





An Aging Life Care™ Professional is a person who is educated and experienced in the process of assessing, planning and coordinating care of the aging person to improve their quality of life. Our practice specializes in dementia care, but we also work with families struggling with any aspect of the aging process or complicated health issues.  We listen to the concerns of all parties involved and then create a care plan with solutions that are comfortable to all. Our goal is to maximize independence and minimize risk to allow people to age in place.


  • Assess and Develop a Care Plan – we assess the client and their situation and create an individualized care plan that meets their needs and goals. If desired, we will also implement this plan, monitor its progress, and make changes to it as needed. Sometimes families only need us to create the plan and coach them through implementing it.
  • Dementia Care Consultation – we provide cognitive screening and can refer families to physicians specializing in dementia in Polk and Highlands Counties to get a thorough diagnosis and treatment plan.
  • Facilitating acceptance of changes – families often receive push-back when trying to implement new services.  We can help your loved ones understand the reasons for services and will work to make them comfortable with the new changes.
  • Referrals – we have been in business since 2006 and have firsthand knowledge and experience with aging industry professionals in Central Florida and can recommend facilities, agencies, and individuals that will meet your specific needs.
  • Ongoing Monitoring – we regularly visit our clients, so if you are out of state we will make sure that your loved ones are receiving the care they deserve 24/7 and we communicate with you on a regular basis.
  • Medical Support – we accompany clients to physician visits as a patient advocate, providing an accurate history and status report to the physician.  We may advocate for medication changes or simply help the client better understand the diagnosis or prognosis.  We then provide the necessary support to see that the doctor’s orders are followed in between visits.  We also provide on-call hospitalization support 24/7 to accompany clients to the emergency room.
  • Financial/Legal Assessment – we review the financial resources of the client to and also legal documents, referring clients to the professionals who can assist where needed.  We provide bill paying support, reviewing charges and balancing the checkbook.
  • Crisis Intervention – should the need arise, we are available to step in during an emergency, but we hope it doesn’t come to this – please call us for a FREE consultation before a crisis develops.


  • Your Healthcare Advocate – our biggest strength is that we are your patient advocate; no matter what the situation, we have our clients’ best interests at heart and we work to be sure their needs are met.
  • Personalized Care – we provide attentive and compassionate care focused on the each client’s wants and needs.  Each client has an individualized care plan.
  • Accessibility – we are on call 24/7 for whatever situations arise; if you need us, we will be there.
  • Open Communication – we keep the family and all related parties informed of the client’s status and any changes that may occur.
  • Quality Control – we abide by the ALCA’s Standards of Practice and Code of Ethics to provide you with quality care.

Cost Savings

Hiring an Aging Life Care Professional may seem like an extra expense, but aside from the savings in time and stress, there are true cost savings:

  • Care Costs – we can implement care or suggest a facility that meets the needs of the client, but is not excessive in cost or an inappropriate level of care
  • Unnecessary Hospitalizations/Re-admissions – by having us monitor health conditions and in-home care, we are able to minimize hospitalizations and reduce re-admissions.
  • Insurances & Program Enrollment – we ensure that all medical bills are billed to primary and secondary insurances to avoid being charged with unnecessary bills and also supports the client in all application for all eligible programs, including VA benefits, Medicare, Part D and Medicaid long term care.
  • Spending & Financial Decisions – we provide oversight to see that clients are handling their daily money management and avoiding excessive spending; we work with financial planners to be sure there is the necessary review of the client’s expenses and investment choices.
  • Avoiding Lost Wages – Accompanying a loved one to all medical visits and managing their errands will quickly eat up vacation time for an adult child who is still in the work force. By using our services, you will keep your wages and vacation time and save on excess travel.